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Dennis McClendon

...extensive experience in internet services, higher education, and industrial equipment manufacturing industries.

Dennis McClendon

Graphic Designer, Interactive & Print

Passion for the Aesthetic

a career playing with verisimilitude

The words, images, and media that describe a product or service should reflect the passion that motivates its existence! To craft a message that is concise, uplifting, and magnified with imagery, color, and layout that is both logical and alluring – to achieve this with the most effective application of media is my aim.

Verisimilitude – The true essence of similar elements. When wisely applied in creative union, the result is synergy. Dennis McClendon

Over the past 25 years I've worked with a variety of businesses, non-profit academic institutions, and even Fortune 100 companies.

I've also built a few castles. Sand castles, actually. I like sand castles. The building of large ones is an exercise in creativity, physical stamina, and fleeting accomplishment – they usually last only a few hours. Collaboration in the endeavor adds a layer of challenge but can result in a fulfilling social bond.

I don't really expect you to watch these videos, but they demonstrate video capability in a responsive environment.

What can I do for You?


Full-spectrum of static or interactive, responsive, mobile-first design capability.


Make it intuitive and beautiful. Happy users. Happy clients.


Responsive, mobile-first designs to integrate with your email service provider.


What you say and how you say it is as important as everything else.


Pragmatic or stylistic, illustration is useful and fun!


Product and stock photography, compositing, color correction, and retouching.

Samples of my work

Great design starts with great analysis and strategy. Documentation and training make it scalable.

Mobile-first responsive email/web...

Campaign/Concepts #1

Campaign/Concepts #2

Designs in print...

Logo Designs...


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